1. Patriarchy is when the male figure in the family has the most authority. Dramatic Irony is when the audience know something that the characters don’t know. 3″Of my child’s love:I think she will be rul’d In all respects by me” “Well, get you gone, a’Thursday be it then.” 4. Shakespeare highlights patriarchy in Act […]

Task 2 “Hold thy desperate hand” to” What rouse thee,man! Thy Juliet is alive” “What rouse thee, man!Thy Juliet is alive” to “Go get thee to thy love as was decreed ” “Go get thee to thy love as was decreed” to ” Romeo is coming ” task 3 I would read the lines where […]

1.Foreshadowing-A warning or a indication of a future event. 2. Juliet would rather die a virgin if she can’t see Romeo again. 3. “Is death misterm’d.Calling death ‘banished’ “

At the beginning of the scene Juliet feels very exited because she is impatient to see Romeo.”O Nurse what the news?”Juliet feels  confused because she thinks that  Romeo has died.

1) The Nurse is very shocked when she finds out that Romeo killed Tybalt beacuse she feels betrayed as she was very nice to him and even helped him to arrange  the wedding.”There is no trust,No faith,no honesty in men”This shows that the Nurse is very angry at Romeo and is thinking that no man […]

3)Juliet’s language and the use of antithesis in her speech to the Nurse highlights that Juliet is trying to hate Romeo for killing Tybalt, however she is not able to hate him as she loves Romeo more. An example of this is in the line:”Beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical” This idea of opposites runs through the […]

Shakespeare shows that Romeo kills Tybalt due to male pride because Romeo’s love to Juliet has weakened him. Romeo has the need to hurt Tybalt because he has not only killed his best friend but he has also cussed him and ruined his reputation ” My very friend, hath got this mortal hurt In my […]